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Just few thoughts:

Late President Lech Kaczynski was:

1. Strongly anti communists

2. US Ally

3. He backed the plans to site a US Missile Defense facility in Poland

4. True friend of Jewish community in Poland

5. First Polish President to attend a religious service at a Synagogue in Poland

Now irrespective of what Black Box says, was it not a co-incidence that all anti communists from Poland were on the same flight.

Why was he NOT called on 7th April to Russia when Polish PM Tusk was invited by Russia.

A Head of State has a protocol. How can a Head of a foreign state, NOT first be invited to visit Moscow, but RISK political embarrassment by allowing him to risk his life on a remote airfield.

This is NOT how we follow Protocol for any Head of State. Moscow should have been the first stop for the Late Polish President.

Katyn Massacre ??

Now let us join the dots and see the Domino Effect:

1. Pro Russian government in UZBEKISTAN, which shuts US Air Base in Central Asia

2. Pro Russian forces in KYRGYZSTAN, who have overthrown the Government. What is the likely impact on US Airbase in Manas.

3. Plane crash of the Late Polish President, who was strongly anti communist.


All one may say, all anti communists wiped out by a accident.

It smells of BLACK Operations.

Indeed a very sad day for Democracy..............................................................

These are my personal views based on my personal assessment.

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Comment by Tadeusz Lemańczyk on April 16, 2010 at 3:51pm
"all anti communists from Poland were on the same flight"

Don't bother with it, Vivek. Such a big flight for containing all Polish anti-communists doesn't exist.


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