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Surprise for Polska and Poznan friends and students... Zabojad thought of you too Sir Tadeusz, Thanks to you in Poznan ! Happy Ascencion Day ! Happy Sharing- Happy Inside Growing Zabojad wins PEPSICO EUROPE ... Bubles for Zabojad, see you soon in Po...

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Comment by Schwaller Frederic (Zabojad) on May 17, 2012 at 10:06pm

Bravo is  International :-)

Dziekuje Bardzo, Polska is everywhere and Polish friends I have since 2001,

I would like to thank Dr. Professor Bartosz Taganski from Warsaw School of Economics my 10 years polish friend and first contact at 26years old at University of Helsinki We met as students, he became a Dr. in Competition Law and works with Clifford Chance as an advisor, he got married and has two wonderful kids, I got around the world and discovered 50 Countries... I would like today to say and share with you that without Erasmus Mundo and KY a finnish Student Union, I would have never been part of the International week in Warsaw 2001 ! I made a Tour of Poland in 2001 and I started polish language in 2011.... Ja lubie Polski Jesyk Jestem Polski Jesyk Studenka at 37with 5 other languages and true everyone can do it ! Mind it is all in your mind Passion and Willingness dear students Learning at all ages !

Happy Sharing - Happy Inside

Comment by Tadeusz Lemańczyk on May 17, 2012 at 9:49pm

Fred, I wish you many Polish friends and hearing from us as many French words as we hear Polish words from you.

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